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Tracking Animals Using their Feces:

Steps to Follow

tracking using feces

a tracker using feces

Animals can be tracked using their feces. Wild as well as pet animals can be recognized and tracked with their poo. But very keen observation as well as attention is required to track animals with the help of this method. Sometimes you might find some kind of animal excrement in your house. The animal might come to your house everyday and make your house dirty. It becomes quite difficult to track the animal so easily to stop it from doing this. This is the time when you can track the animal with its shit and take proper steps avoid the mess.
Different animals have different types of excrement and this is the reason why you might get confused regarding the animal. If you have a dog in your house then you might identify the shit of your dog along with the poo of other dogs coming from outside. You need to remember that animal scat is one of the most popular ways to track them. People have a tendency to ignore them as dirty. This is the reason why tracking becomes difficult. With the feces you can track animals present in your area and the kind of food they are having in that area.
Lots of scientists use this method to track unknown animals in a particular area. Other than this, the scientists also check the kind of excrement to determine the health of the animal as well. They analyze the amount and kind of chemical content in the shit of the animals. The scats of predators usually contain a large amount of bones and hair which are part of their prey. The poo of herbivorous animals like rabbit contains a lot of plant material. But this kind of tracking is possible only for the scientists.
Being a common man you can track animals with its excrement by watching its size and shape. It is important to estimate both the width and the length of the poo. After this, you need to check the shape of the feces. Check whether they are round, tubular, pellet shaped, flattened at the ends or like a rope. Once you are done with this, you need to note the time when the shit was found in that area. Find out whether the scat was found only once or on various occasions. If the color of the dropping is white it might have been left by reptile, bird or amphibian.
To track animals with their feces you also need to be careful about certain things. Make sure you do not touch them directly. It is also better to wear a mask while dealing with them. The animal droppings contain different kinds of germs and diseases which can be dangerous. Some of them are even poisonous and can lead to the death of a person. Other than this, you must also be careful in dealing with fresh animal shit. This means that the animal might still be near you. These steps can be an easy guide to identify animals with their droppings.

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