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Diarrhea refers to the medical condition wherein a patient has three or more excrement per day. This may lead to dehydration and is the cause of a lot of death especially in third world countries. Diarrhea is opposite to constipation as in this condition the poop gets extremely loose and very fluid like in nature. Hence, owing to the watery movement of scat, there could be excessive fluid loss which could be the prime cause of dehydration.
There are various causes of watery poop and here we shall explain some of them. It could be either due to infection in the excretory system or due to irritable bowel syndrome. Immediate action must be taken to prevent excessive scat loss as a person may become terrible weak if there is a massive loss of fluid and poop. Sometimes, the cause of this excrement disorder could be the inability of the body to absorb the ingested food. When the body cannot absorb the nutrients, most of them may be excreted as a fluid secretion and hence leads to watery shit. This disease seems to be most problematic when it occurs in children.
Children must be immediately medicated if they suffer from frequent poop problems. The reason is that the immune system is not fully functional and not that strong as well. Hence, excessive loss of fluid along with scat may lead to severe dehydration and the child may collapse shortly. There is a lot of medication available to reduce the fluid excrement. It is best to treat this condition as fast as you possibly can. The body strength and stamina droops down owing to fluid poop. It is not only due to the fact that the shit is watery that you lose a lot of stamina, the main reason is the fact that these watery excrement is extremely frequent and thus the body loses a lot of necessary fluid and vital nutrients as well along with the caca. Caca is a Spanish word for poop or shit. Hence, your main work should be to try and avoid this condition in the first place. Just like constipation, this problem too can be prevented with a good balanced diet.
A good diet is integral to good health. Hence, a proper intake of right food should solve a lot of problems. In most of the cases, the problems related with excessive loss of water along with frequent excrement are due to bad eating habits. There is a lot of food type which leads to diarrhea. Consuming such foods in excess are likely to aid in fluid excrement and thus slippery and fluid fece. Hence, make it a point to avoid such food which do not suit you and make you sick with frequent bowel movements. Preventing this irritating medical condition could be much better than trying to cure it after you have been experiencing the irritation and sometimes pain in the stomach as well. Thus, visit a doctor as soon as the frequency of bowel movements shoots up above normal.

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