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You all know that you cannot make a site about poop without having a bit of potty humor. I mean how many of you have been at the brunt of fart jokes? Ever since the dawn of man flatulence has been something to bring a smile to our face which in the spirit of curiosity leads us to obsess on our own bodily functions. Poop, scat, fece, shit tend to make their way into the humor zone of our society. Who hasn’t laughed at monkeys throwing poop or cringed during the movie Quills when the lead actor begins writing with his own feces? I don’t know a single person. Remember two girls and a cup? Without feces it would have just been a G rated kool aid commercial.This section of our site is dedicated to the unholies of holy toilet humor. When we say lets let the shit hit the fan we mean it. It’s splatterhouse 4 bitches and don’t forget to flush.

Fecal matter is something of an obsession for some. From taking in the aromas that surround you to dreaming about the next time you have to unclog a toilet and realize that you are absent a plunger. It is time to get on this site and get dirty. So bodet away my friend and let the water wash away all those clumps of fecal matter from your conscience. It is OK to indulge in the most unhealthy of obsessions once in a while.

So lets all just pull down our pants pop a squat and ride this train out. If you think you have hilarious fart, poop, shit, scat, dung or fece jokes or images just let us know. We always like to grow. So pull up a porcelain potty and grab the neatest trashy magazine we are in for a shitty ass ride. Oh and one more thing don’t forget the courtesy flush.

The Vulgarity of Poop Humor

Ghost Doo Doo
The kind where you feel the doo doo come out, but there’s no doo doo in the toilet.

Second Wave Poo
The kind that happens when you’re done pooping and you’ve pulled your pants up to your knees, and you realize you have to poo some more.

Turtle Dung

The kind of dung that pops out a little and goes back in a few times before it finally comes out.
Lincoln Log Shit

The kind of shit that is so huge you’re afraid to flush without first breaking it into little pieces with the plunger.
The Surprise Scat
You are not even at the toilet, because you are sure you are about to fart, but, OOPS—a scat!
The Dangling Dung
This dung refuses to drop into the toilet even though you know you are done pooping. You just pray that a shake or two will cut it loose.

The Power Dung
The kind of dung that comes out of your butt so fast, your butt cheeks gets splashed with water.
Cork Poo
Also known as floaters because even after the third flush, the poo is still there, floating. How on earth will you ever get rid of it?!
Right Now Poo
You better hope to be within thirty seconds of a toilet since the poo usually gets its head out before you can even get your pants down.
Weight Watchers Poo
It is when you let out too much dung that you actually lost weight.
*Source: http://www.bathroomjokes.com/poop/list.htm and http://members.fortunecity.co.uk/dancannon/jokes/Toilet_Humour/Types_of_Poo.html

People, in general, aren’t comfortable taking about feces in a formal or serious scenario like during your medical checkup or tests. Doctors and medical technicians are also probably aware of this society-wide discomfort that they try to lower their voices when asking about a person’s ritual relating to their poo and menstrual cycle.

It could be because social convention expresses that discussing your feces or bowel movements is an inappropriate social behavior or taboo. However, this does not excuse people from interjecting toilet humor or poo humor in conversations among friends.

What is toilet humor or poo humor anyway? Moreover, how and when did this penchant for poo humor begin?

Poo humor falls into the category of toilet humor and these are often described to be jokes, poems, comedy or skits that involves topic that are considered to be vulgar or taboo by a particular or specific culture which are aimed to induce laughter and shock from the audience.

Poo humor or the toilet humor can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks, specifically Aristophanes. This comic playwright parodied the works of some of the greatest Greek tragedians that we know today like Sophocles and Euripides where he uses excrement or sex jokes to gain notoriety and popularity. His power to ridicule was recognized and feared by his peers including Plato.

The great 16th century playwright, William Shakespeare, is also known to include sexual innuendos and puns into most his plays like The Tempest, Hamlet and of course, Romeo and Juliet.

This was continued well into 17th century with Jonathan Swift wherein he used scat humor in a lot of his work like his famed essay, A Modest Proposal and his poem, A Lady’s Dressing Room. He was especially criticized for having excremental vision for his gross listings of the woman’s filthy habits.

Toilet humors or poo humors were considered then to be a dissident behavior and is especially frowned upon if heard in public. In fact, in 1964, Lenny Bruce, the comedian, was convicted and sent to prison in New York after a performance that involves toilet humor.

Moreover, Redd Roxx was also popular in clubs back in the 1960s and 1970s for his performances that include toilet humor or poo humor but toned it down for his television show, The Redd Foxx Comedy Hour.

However, society has since become more open-minded of toilet or poo humor and in some parts of the world, has become somewhat socially acceptable. Television shows like Beavis and Butthead, South Park and the plethora of reality TV shows have made toilet or poo humor more socially acceptable.

In fact, people have taken toilet or poo humor to build an enterprise. Shirts that say, Fartacus, The End is Near and Call of Doody can be easily found in most online stores and retails shop nationwide. Merchandises are not limited to shirts as you can see the same captions on caps, mugs, bags, stickers and postcards. These are often given to friends during April Fools Day, birthday or any regular day of the week.

Poo humor has gone far enough as people making up rhymes and riddles about it.

Here are a few examples of riddles:

Question: What do you call a 12-inch feces?
Answer: A foot stool!

Question: What do the toilet paper and the Star Ship Enterprise have in common?
Answer: They both fly around Uranus looking for Klingons!

Funny right? You might be interested to take a look at some amusing rhymes about fece as well.

Two little doodies sittin’ in a potty,
One went down and the other one was naughty!

Tubby, tubby, two-by-four,
Couldn’t fit it through the bathroom door,
So she did it on the floor,
Licked it up and did some more.

Aside from the Poo List listed above, there are a couple of other lists readily available online to keep you entertained. Here is an excerpt obtained from PoopNames.com –

The Childbirth Poo
The dung that is just too big to go through the space provided by nature so you sit there and contemplate on your options. It’s starting to hurt and it isn’t getting any better. You start to wonder if you’ll ever get to see your family and friends again and suddenly, various embarrassing newspaper headlines comes to mind. You resolve to avert this crisis and go through your options –
Call an Obstetrician
Pray and hope to tell that you have enough Vaseline to get you through the ordeal.

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