What is a Fart

What is a Fart?


What is a Fart

Fart is release of intestinal gases through anal region generally accompanied with unpleasant odor. The sulfur rich products tend to develop the tendency to fart. Some have tendency to poo while producing enormous sounds. Fart is the term used to indicate a boring old man also. It is a natural phenomenon to fart because anus is the only region from where gases formed by undigested food can be released.
The amount of scat one excretes depends upon the type of food eaten. Monkeys have a weird habit of throwing fece on each other and they sniff it later for pleasure. Human excreta are also known as feces. Vibration of rectum or anal muscles while excreting fece also produces sound. This condition is also known as fart. When fart becomes frequent and odor is extremely unbearable, it is an indication of upset stomach.
Shit is another term for fece. When shit does not come out smoothly, fart is more likely to occur. Fart is socially unacceptable and people tend to refrain from the person who tends to fart frequently. Fart is the condition of unhealthy digestive system. Shit is the most commonly used profanities to exclaim about any unfavorable situation.
Very rarely people have affinity towards smell of scat. These people get sexually excited on smelling excrement. Excrement is undigested remnants of the food eaten that are excreted by body. It comprises of both feces and urine. Some animals like rabbit and dogs mark their territory with the poo. These animals poo in the form of pellets and the smell of urine demarcates their area.
There is a category of people called coprogenics who have tendency to feed on fece. It is more than surprising that around 1% of human population is secretly coprogenic. These people get very excited when somebody farts near them.
Poo is the commonly used term for fece. There are numerous explanations of poo depending upon the amount excreted. These are called the pellets when they leave anus like a machine gun. It is termed the fireball because of hot sensation it leaves at anus; this generally happens the day after eating curry in night.
Fart is indication of tendency to defecate. It is known by a variety of connotations to explain this unpleasant situation in acceptable words. Breaking wind, butt burp, 1-man salute, brown thunder, and blast off are some of the common phrases used instead of the term fart. Fart may or may not be followed by the excretion of excrement. It is a common advice given to people farting frequently to spend some time in potty to avoid further embarrassment.
One can hardly think of sexual fetishes attached to fece. These sexual tendencies are known as scat. This is rarely found in human beings. Every animal farts. It is an amazing fact that elephant farts the most. Those animals who display these fetishes are known as coprohiles. This is characterized by smearing of fece on the body to get sexual excitement. It is mostly found in some animals like pigs.

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