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Things you should know before taking a dump

Fece is the waste product of the human digestive system and it varies in color and size depending on factors such as the individual’s diet and overall health. It can be called by a variety of names such as fece, poo, shit, scat, dung, excrement or doo doo.

The composition of your average dung is ¾ water however; this ratio may change depending on the length of time it stays in the intestines. Water is continuously being absorbed in the intestines so the longer your feces stays in the intestines, the drier it will be and all the more harder to pass. The remaining one-third is made up of dead bacteria, fats and other indigestibles like cellulose.

The typical excrement is semi-solid with a little mucous coating however; University of Bristol’s K. W. Heaton developed the Bristol Stool Chart in 1997, which classifies fece into seven distinct categories depending on the duration it spends in the colon. The Bristol Stool Chart is also sometimes referred to as the Bristol Stool Scale or the Meyers Scale in the United Kingdom.

The Bristol Stool Chart categorizes poo into seven classifications that helps indicate a person’s bowel movement –
Type 1 – Separate hard lumps that are similar to nuts which are hard to pass
Type 2 – Shaped like a sausage but lumpy
Type 3 – Shaped like a sausage but with surface cracks
Type 4 – Smooth and soft and shaped like a snake or sausage
Type 5 – Soft blobs with clear-cut edges
Type 6 – Mushy poo or fluffy pieces with ragged edges
Type 7 – Watery with no solid pieces or entirely liquid

Although poo is often described to be brownish in color, it is possible for your dung to present itself in a different shade. The variation in color can sometimes be harmless but it can also be indicative of an underlying health problem.
It is also known as melena, shit can be black because of the long duration of the red blood cells in the intestines that are already broken down by the digestive enzymes.
This can also occur in instances when the upper digestive tract is bleeding like in bleeding peptic ulcer.
Black dung can also happen after consuming food which contain a significant amount of animal blood like Tiếtcanh.
It can also be a result of several different kind of medications like iron supplements, Pepto-Bismol.
There are certain foods that are known to cause black doo doo like blueberries and beetroot.
Alcoholism can also cause certain abnormalities in a person’s stool that can result in black, or sometimes red, feces.
Food products that have significant amount of blue dye like grape soda can cause a person to have blue poo.
The dark blue pigment called Prussian blue that is being used in treating radiation and thallium poisoning can also result blue dung.
A large amount of unprocessed bile in a person’s digestive system can result in green excrement.
Significant consumption of green leafy vegetable also results in green scat.
Children not being able to properly or completely absorb the iron in the milk formula also result in green doo doo.
Consumption of a large amount of food rich in food coloring like frosting, cereals and candies.
Silver dung is often indicative of an underlying health problem associated with a biliary obstruction combined with gastrointestinal bleeding like carcinoma of the ampulla of Vater.
A liver disorder characterized by a slow break down of the red blood cells known as Gilbert’s Syndrome.
Giardiasis is a severe communicable disease caused by the parasite Giardia can also causes yellow dung.

It is also not uncommon for scat to have varying degrees of stench. The stench largely depends on what the individual eat since it is a product of bacterial action. Bacteria are known to produce sulfur-rich compounds that results in smelly poo. Moreover, meats are also rich in sulfides so eating large amounts of meats like beef and pork will result in smellier fart and doo doo.

Moreover, there are people who are quite fixated with when and how many times they need to do number two. You would see several experts making their own recommendation and it can be really quite confusing.

Studies says that it takes about twenty hours for an average adult to excrete what he eats so if you are to follow that then a good rule of thumb is to be able to do number two at least once a day. However, you shouldn’t worry if you aren’t able to do that especially if you comfortable going a couple of days without pooping. You should seek medical attention though if your last poop was a week ago.

Now, it may sound disgusting and disturbing but everyone has, at some point, inadvertently eaten dung. It might be because you might have forgotten to wash your hands after using the toilet or someone preparing your food forgot to wash theirs. In any case, this is one of the common ways of transmitting parasites and bacteria.

Although it is uncommon, it is not unheard of for people to ingest excrement on purpose. This practice of coprophagy is quite common in animals like dogs, rabbit, rodents and insects. Moreover, you’d be surprise to know that it isn’t as unusual in human as you think.

Doctors have been known to give patients who are suffering from Clostridium difficilethefeces of a close relative or spouse. This treatment is called fecal bacteriotherapy and is used to regenerate the gut flora in the patient’s intestines. The dung is administered in a capsule, enema or through a nasogastric tube.

Prior to modern medical technology, it was also a common practice for physicians to taste a sample of the patient’s excrement to better gauge the state and condition.

However, the practice of coprophagy outside the medical field is often regarded by society as unconventional and this might have incited a stream of deviant sexual behaviors that involves the consumption of dung.

It should be clear though engaging in coprophagy is not healthy and you run the risk of contracting various diseases like Hepatitis A, E coli and Salmonella. The degree of danger from ingesting fecal matter varies from a mere nuisance to potentially fatal especially if it went untreated.

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