Impacted Feces

Impacted Feces

Feces Impacted

Impacted Feces

Fecal impaction refers to solid immobile fece that gets deposited in the rectum. The main cause of such accumulation of shit is due to chronic constipation. People suffering from such excrement problem have irregular bowel movements and may experience a lot of pain while trying to excrete caca which is the Spanish word for poop.
This condition is characterized by bulky and stiff stool that accumulates in the rectum. Sometimes, a lot of liquid scat gets scattered around the obstructed area. This problem of excretion can lead to a lot of other disorders as well, the likes of which include ulcers near the rectal region. As the body faces a lot of trouble to pass out the shit from the system, these tend to accumulate inside the body.
Getting the excrement out is vital for survival. If the fece that is produced stays inside the confines of the body, it may become extremely poisonous and have a lot of deterring effect on the health of a person. Thus, the need is to get treatment for such situations as soon as you are diagnosed with it. Delaying treatment could lead to a lot of complications. Hence, regular bowel movement with smooth passing of scat is an absolute must.
There are a lot of treatment options available. Most of the options not only stress on smooth movement of fece but also try and avoid any further recurrence. If this diseased condition recurs continuously, getting yourself treated is must. Use of laxatives is a common method. All the various different treatment options serve to smooth the poop or the scat so that they can easily pass through the excretory system. The decrease in mobility of the rectal muscles could be another reason for such excrement disorder. Hence, the different medicines also act upon the muscles of the excretory system and aim at enhancing the mobility of the colon.
A change in diet is also recommended for enhanced excrement. Good balanced diet can solve a lot of problems. Including roughage and fiber in your diet can prevent constipation as well as problem of impacted fece. Thus, preventing this problem is a much better option than curing it. People who suffer from recurrent problem of such scat issues are likely to be suffering from issues of bad diet. It is necessary that you take full care to ensure you have regular bowel movements since these issues can lead to a lot more complex medical problems in future.
Thus, if you been suffering from bulky and immobile excrement issues and want to get rid of it, make sure you have amole fiber protein and roughage in your diet. This should solve the problem if it is still in the preliminary stage. However, if the shit problem has become more massive and you are finding it really hard to get rid of the fece, medical treatment is advised at the earliest. This condition could get painful and serious, if left unattended for long. Getting rid of harmful waste from the body is absolutely mandatory.

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